Welcoming you back

school of the

new earth Empress

Next semester starts

January 16th 2022

A weekly class hosted by Laura. Each class teaches a different topic to assist in your becoming the woman you really see yourself to be

Free access to the WhatsApp group so that you have full access to Laura and the other Empresses 

Access to discounted sessions with Laura's team who are certified in her Living Light Modality which includes past life regression, childhood regression and shadow work

A beautiful Pink Angel Quartz crystal crown to certify that you are indeed, ready to fly.

Is this course for you?

Over the centuries, what it truly means to be a woman or a man has been forgotten. The pieces that make the world beautiful were soon gone as the distorted woman developed, the distorted masculine was created. Over time, the world we knew and the people on it were destroyed and in its place was war, violence and discrimination.

So many people today suffer from anxiety, depression and mental health issues. There are so many mental health labels that it's difficult for anyone to feel sane anymore as each label comes with such a negative stigma and the worst part is that so many of us are trying so desperately to come back to the feeling of connection that they'll do anything to get it. Women have been trying to alter themselves just to feel like they fit in, cane be safe and can be loved. Women are injecting poison into their body, cutting themselves open, slaving in the gym, punishing themselves with food. All to feel accepted.

This has lead to men and women putting themselves out into the world from such a wounded place that the world has continued to be wounded but now, we see the light at the end of the tunnel finally.

This transformational school is inviting you on a journey to the other side, where you are loved, seen, validated and accepted. This is where you will feel the connection you've always wanted and it has to start with you. As women, we are the creators of the earth. If we want the earth to change and rise up, if we want the men around us to change and rise up then we have to become the women we were always born to be.

Goodbye to sexualising ourselves

Goodbye to trying to change how our body

Goodbye to people pleasing

Goodbye to saying no to yourself

Goodbye to chasing what we think we need

Goodbye to hiding away

 Hello to the body you love

Hello to confidence 

Hello to self pleasing and pleasure

Hello to stronger boundaries 

Hello to speaking up for yourself

Hello to being seen and heard