individual speLls

stir the pot, poppet


Your life seems stuck

So here's what we'll do

We'll stir the pot

To create a new future for you


knock, knock

Knock, knock

Is anyone home?

Is your heart open

Or are you all alone?


womb twitch

Through your womb we go

To where your power lay

To peek under your layers

And release hidden pain

Weekly collective spells

put your name in the cauldron

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When it comes to the moon, Laura likes to use all the magic she can and now she's inviting you to take part without having to lift your wand.

Laura uses the energy of the Pussy Paintings to charge the names in the cauldron and magnify your essence. 

Simply purchase your slot below and have your name thrown into the cauldron to create transformation.

new moon

december 4th 2021



Laura uses Burn + Bloom candles to assist with her rituals. They are home made by her sister and assist in bringing even more light to your shadow. They each carry a piece of black tourmaline to help to burn away any blockages which have been hand soaked in the River Kennet (connecting to Stonehenge).